RedFox Dominion Protection Simulator v3.3.3

Please read!

Starting a while ago, this simulator is called the RedFox Protection Simulator and from rd 36 on is being maintained by Invisible Child with the help of Nye's hosting.

This is because the original author and owner wanted it this way. I *do* give him credits for the work though.
To all using this tool: some of you might now know what it takes to create and maintain tools, games and whatever additional stuff. Most of these are built because those guys really want to help others to have more fun with a game. A game, not even developed by themself. Keep in mind these tools, websites, whatever are not to be taken for granted. There are real people behind the scene, working to make the game itself more enjoyable for others. Whether it are the guys at TavernOfDominion, guys who build neat Spreadsheets, Offline simulators, whatever.
Give them the respect they deserve.
I intend to have this thing running for free so don't worry ;-)

Click to start the RedFox Online Protection Simulator

You can also try Blackreign's Offline Excel Simulator. Downloadable Here

You can also join a Irc chat channel dedicated to Dominion. You'll find nice people there, willing to give advice, talk about dominion in general or about the weather.
You can find them on in the channel called #dom-chat